Welcome to Seminar!

REMINDER: YOU CAN STILL SUBMIT YOUR HISTORY PAPER! Please come and see me if you need assistance.

  • Mindful Minute

Exam Reflection

On a sheet of paper:

  • Write your name at the top.
  • On the lined section, write the grade you believe you earned on the exam.
  • Indicate up to three of each:
    • Something(s) you did that set you up for success on the exam.
    • Something(s) you did that may have hurt your performance on the exam.
  • Let's hear it!

Exam Grade Distribution

Midterm Grades


  • Take advantage of the extra credit that is in BlackBoard!!!
  • Check SAIL frequently for blocks and holds before registration.
    • The University is notorious for adding blocks one to two days before registration. It will take time to lift a block, so be sure you are keeping an eye on this.
  • TSI-Liable Students: You may have a registration block right now if you do not have a C or better in your developmental course(s). Be sure to check on that!
    • Students with a passing midterm grade for their developmental course(s) (A, B, or C) will have their hold lifted automatically to allow them to register on SAIL. Additionally, Math TSI students may also enroll in the college-level math needed for their degree plan.
    • ALL OTHER TSI STUDENTS WILL HAVE THEIR TSI HOLD REMAIN ACTIVE. They will receive an email informing them of the steps to complete registration and in particular to re-enroll in Math 0300 and/or English 0399 based off the mid term grade.
    • Math 0300 and English 0399 Students with a mid term grade of DIP, DSA, or DNA will be required to complete the following steps for registration:
  • Meet with their Academic Advisor
  • Meet with CASA staff
  • Review an ADD/Drop form
  • List the Math 0300 and/or English 0399 course
  • Have the form stamped by CASA
  • Submit form to Admissions and Records to complete registration
  • History Exam 2: 23 days and counting!