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Some ID Practice

Grading guidelines:

For each ID you are looking for an adequate description of the item and a historical significance.

  • Typically, if they describe the item but give nothing resembling a significance, you should take 4 to 6 points off.
  • If they only have the significance but no real info about the item, take 8 points off.
    • Note that sometimes they donít come out and announce a significance. But you can tell that they are talking about the significant features of the item. Try to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Below Iíll list the key features and significance of each item that I have in mind. There could be other interpretations of significance. Keep your mind open to those that make sense.
  • A student does not have to get every single piece of info listed to earn 20 points. If the answer seems complete or goes in another direction but is correct, feel free to give full credit.
  • Simply judge whether they seem to know what they are talking about when describing the item and what its significance was.
  • If they did not write their answer in a paragraph format deduct 8 points.

A = 18-20 pts
B = 16-17 pts
C = 14-15 pts
D = 12-13 pts
F = 0-11 pts

Sample Answer:

Toscanelli was an Italian mathematician. Due to faulty mathematical calculations, Toscanelli incorrectly believed that the earth was 17,000 miles around instead of 25,000 miles around. Toscanelli's faulty math was used to create the map that Christopher Columbus would use to plan his 1492 voyage from Europe to Asia in search of spices, silk, and other goods. Because he was following Toscanelli's map, Columbus believed he could safely reach China. This is historically significant because Columbus and his crew landed in the New World leading to the Columbian Exchange.


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    • M 5-5:50 pm, CI 113
    • W 2-2:50 pm, IH 162
    • F 11-11:50 am, OCNR 116
  • First exam is September 30! (T-minus 16 days and counting!)
    • Exam Format: Each ID will be worth 20 pts (total of 60 points). The essay will be worth 40 pts.
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