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When looking for primary sources for the historical argument paper:

  • Remember that sources may only come from the Voices of Freedom book and/or one of the three databases that Dr. Costanzo has designated.
  • There is more information in HIST BlackBoard under Historical Essay in the document entitled Finding Primary Sources for the Papers.


Can you recognize the different types of academic misconduct?

As a student, it is important to know what the University policies are regarding academics and conduct.

What constitutes academic misconduct?

"[...]engaging in an act that violates the standards of the academic integrity policy as described in the Student Code of Conduct and Student Academic Misconduct Cases. Any behavior specifically prohibited by a faculty member in the course syllabus or class discussion may be considered as academic misconduct. Additionally, possessing, using, buying, stealing, transporting, selling or soliciting in whole or in part items including, but not limited to the contents of an unadministered test, test key, homework solutions or possession at any time of current or previous test materials without the instructor’s permission will be considered academic misconduct."  

  • Cheating
    • "using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, notes, study aids or other devices or materials in any academic exercise."
  • Plagiarism
    • Plagiarism as defined by TAMU-CC Academic Affairs (2015) is “Intentionally, knowingly, or carelessly presenting the work of another as one’s own without proper acknowledgement of the source, with the exception of information that is generally accepted as common knowledge.” Also, "presenting the work of another as one’s own without proper acknowledgement of the source, with the exception of information that is generally accepted as common knowledge."
  • Multiple Submissions
    • "submission of substantial portions of the same work (including oral reports) for credit more than once without authorization from the instructors for which the student submits the work."
  • Collusion
    • "Helping or attempting to help another to commit an act of academic dishonesty. This includes, but is not limited to, the unauthorized collaboration with another individual in progressing forward on academic assignments."
  • Fabrication, Falsification, or Misrepresentation
    • "Altering or inventing of any information or citation that is used in assessing academic work."
  • Other
    • At the discretion of the professor
  • How Academic Misconduct is reported
  • Flowchart of the Process
  • Sanction from the Professor:
    • Written Reprimand
    • Re-do Work in Question
    • Submit Additional Work
    • Lowering of Grade of Work in Question
    • Grade of "F" for Work in Question
    • Grade of "F" for Course in Question
    • Other: Suggestion of Professor
  • 2.2.3 Hearing by the Academic Integrity Hearing Panel (AIHP)
    • Finding of “In Violation”, Acceptance of Sanction(s)
    • Finding of “In Violation”, Denial of Sanction(s)
    • Finding of “Not In Violation”
    • Failure to Meet with Instructor and/or Sign Academic Misconduct Incident Form

If you know of anyone who is planning to be academically dishonest or who has violated the Student Code of Conduct, it is your responsibility to report this to your professor and/or Student Affairs (SEAS).

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APA standards

  • 180 - Mindful Minute


  • Thesis and Outline due Thursday, September 28, in your HIST BlackBoard
  • Conferences for Thesis and Outline feedback will be held on Monday, October 2, Tuesday, October 3, and Wednesday, October 4. Sign-up details are in BlackBoard.
    • Please, follow the rules when signing up for a conference! It is taking me lots of time to make sure people are not signing up during the time for another class.
  • SIGN UP HERE: http://slotted.co/fall2017triadcconferences

Extra Credit Opportunity!

  • College 2 Career Conference: Wednesday, September 27, and Thursday, September 28
  • Pre-register here: http://career-services.tamucc.edu/c2c%20.html
  • Attend any of the sessions - be sure to sign in or check in with your ID when you get there!
  • Write a one to two paragraph synopsis of what you learned during the session. Submit this into BlackBoard in a Word or PDF document.
  • You may attend up to 2 sessions. Each session you attend is worth 25 points of extra credit.
  • Wednesday, October 11 - Sections 180 and 181 will combine. Both sections will attend Seminar at 8 am and COMM at 10 am. Please be sure to mark this on your calendars!
  • Friday, October 13 - History Exam 1 (T-minus 16 days and counting!!!)
  • Office 365 for everyone (FREE)