Welcome to Seminar!

Exam Preparation!

Tips for doing well on this exam:

    • Your class lectures, text book, and SI sessions are all you need.
  • Remember to include all parts of each ID!
  • Remember that your IDs are worth 60% of your exam grade, BUT do not neglect your essay question either.
  • Use a writing utensil that will be as comfy as possible.
    • If you want to do well on this exam you will be writing for very close to 50 minutes.
    • The exam will include plenty of paper for you to write your answers.
  • If an answer is a short answer be sure you know all of the information about that ID or essay question.
  • Prioritize your time!
    • Not all 21 ID terms will be on the exam. If there are two you are really struggling with then leave those out and make sure you know the rest. You only have to answer three on the actual exam.
    • Look for IDs that fit well into your essay answers so you are studying smarter and not harder.
  • Not all IDs or essay questions are made for the exam.

Essay Outlining


  • Get thee to SI Sessions! They are free!
    • M 5-5:50 pm, CI 113
    • W 2-2:50 pm, IH 162
    • F 11-11:50 am, OCNR 116
  • First exam is September 30! (T-minus 2 days and counting!)
    • Exam Format: Each ID will be worth 20 pts (total of 60 points). The essay will be worth 40 pts.
  • How well have YOU been studying?
  • Historical Argument thesis and outline due October 6 at 11:59 pm (T-minus 8 days and counting!!!)
  • Midterm reflection IN CLASS on October 12
  • COMM Group Presentations: October 21, 24, 26, and 28
    • October 24 and 26 will be Comminar!
  • COMM Unit 3 test on October 28
  • History Exam 2, November 4
  • Historical Argument Essay DUE Sunday, November 13
  • COMM Unit 4 test on November 18
  • First-Year Symposium: November 30
  • COMM Persuasive speeches: November 28, 30, December 2, 5

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