Remainder of the Semester:

  • November 10 - Résumé and Résumé Review due
  • December 11 - Final Portfolio and Genogram due

This week you are being charged with turning in a rough draft of you résumé and the scheduling information for your résumé review.

  • Your résumé does not need to be completed, but it should be approximately 75% complete with all headings that you will cover included in the document (e.g., Education, Work Experience, Volunteer Experience, Awards and Honors). Please complete this assignment in a Word document.
  • When uploading this assignment in BlackBoard, please include the date and time of your scheduled appointment and the name of the Career Counselor with whom you will meet for your résumé review in the comments section of the BlackBoard assignment submission. If you have already met with a Career Counselor to have your résumé reviewed, then include the information regarding when your appointment was completed and with whom you met.

Note: If you have not scheduled this appointment, please do so soon! At present, there are open positions for Career Counselors, which may mean that it will be a bit difficult to schedule an appointment.

Visit this document created by Career Services for helpful tips about what format to use and what to include. Be sure to watch the YouTube video referenced within the document.

Here is another document with some very useful information and formatting suggestions. This will help you write your résumé as well.

As always, let me know if you have any questions regarding the assignment.