Welcome to Seminar!

Remainder of the Semester:

  • December 11 - Final Portfolio and Genogram due

For this assignment, you will need to take a completed draft of your résumé to Career Services to meet with a Career Counselor for a résumé review.

Please take a hard copy of your résumé with you so that the Career Counselor may provide you written feedback.

Submit the following in BlackBoard to earn up to full credit on this assignment:

  • Original draft of the completed résumé (Word or PDF document)
    • Do not use a résumé template to complete this assignment. They are not very flexible or user friendly, and they do not always do you justice when attempting to highlight your experience.
  • Scanned copy in a PDF of the draft that was reviewed by the Career Counselor. Please also have the Career Counselor's name written somewhere on the document.
    • If you do not have access to a scanner, you can download Genius Scan for free. This app allows you to take a picture and turns the document into a PDF.
  • Corrected résumé - corrections should be based on the feedback provided to you at Career Services. (Word or PDF document)

This assignment is due Tuesday, November 14, 2017, by 11:59 pm in BlackBoard.

Visit this document created by Career Services for helpful tips about what format to use and what to include. Be sure to watch the YouTube video referenced within the document.


Here is another document with some very useful information and formatting suggestions. This will help you write your résumé as well.