Welcome to Week 3!


  • Party Time assignment extension until Thursday, September 21, at 11:59 pm
  • Next week, College 2 Career Conference will be held. As a part of your weekly assignments, you will need to attend at least one session.
    • College 2 Career Conference: Wednesday, September 27, and Thursday, September 28
    • Pre-register here: http://career-services.tamucc.edu/c2c%20.html
    • Attend any of the sessions - be sure to sign in or check in with your ID when you get there!
    • Instructions will be provided soon regarding the written assignment portion.

Remainder of the Semester:

  • October 20 - StrengthsQuest Assessment & Reflection due
    • More info will be provided in next week
  • November 10 - Résumé and Résumé Review due
    • Be sure to register with Hire an Islander in order to make an appointment with a Career Counselor.
  • December 11 - Final Portfolio and Genogram due

Party Time Continuation
Due Wednesday, September 27, by 11:59 pm

Look back at the choices you made during the "Party Time" activity. Here are what each of your choices meant:

  • Group 1 – Realistic, “Doers”
  • Group 2 – Investigative, “Thinkers”
  • Group 3 – Artistic, “Creators”
  • Group 4 – Social, “Helpers”
  • Group 5 – Enterprising, “Persuaders”
  • Group 6 – Conventional, “Organizers”

What you have is called your Holland Personality Type. To correctly label your personality type, take the first letter of each of the personalities you chose and put them together. For example, if someone chose Social, Enterprising, and Realistic, their Holland Personality Type would SER.

Visit this website for further information about each of the letters that make up your Holland Personality Type.

  • Assignment Part 1: In a Word document or PDF, share what your Holland Personality Type is. Visit the website above and read further about each of the three letters that make up your personality type. For the first letter in your personality type, discuss how much or little you believe this relates to you. Are any of the suggested occupations of interest to you? If so, which ones? If not, what is it about the suggested occupations that do not seem to fit with your personality? Look at the suggested occupations for the other two letters in your personality type. Are any of these of interest to you? If so, which ones?
  • Assignment Part 2: Using the website provided above, look at the section that discusses the types of work environments that allow each of your three personality types to be the most productive. Discuss how this relates to your current study environment. Are any of these traits similar to how you study or prepare for your classes? If so, elaborate and provide examples. If not, discuss how you believe you work best?
  • Assignment Part 3: Visit O*Net. Click on the personality that was first in your Holland Personality Type. Put your second personality in the second box, and your third personality in the third. Click "Go." Looking only at the careers that fall in "Job Zones" of 4 and 5, are there any positions here that you find of interest? Read up about two of them. What types of information are provided for each of the potential careers? Under the "Job Zone" section of each potential career, what type of education, related experience, and job training would you be expected to have for each of these careers?

NOTE: O*Net is an amazing resource when looking for potential careers. It provides you with a plethora of useful information, including whether that position has a bright outlook or is considered an environmentally friendly position.

How might you be able to work in an environment where all of your Holland Personality Type is being utilized?