Discuss Visual Rhetoric for First Year Symposium presentations

Explain the purpose of visual rhetoric

Examples of good and bad visual rhetoric

First-Year Symposium Prep Time!

  • First-Year Symposium: Questions about what this is?
  • Visual Rhetoric= making an argument without even opening your mouth; rather it is using images to communicate messages. By carefully choosing images, colors, fonts and design to get your points across, the audience will be able to understand what your perspective is on a topic.
  • How to make a great poster board
    • The first five tips are the most important to keep in mind when designing your poster board!

Let's start planning this out!

  • And now for some practice! :)

Using this template, I would like for you to brainstorm some ideas. To help you do this, use these questions as a guide. Just the simple act of writing down all your thoughts and ideas about a topic can be inspiring when you see one idea, it can make you think of many more! On the back of your handout, write your ideas down!

1.) Think of your project topic from various perspectives; that of an adult, college student, professor, a historian, etc.whatever new perspective brings fresh ideas to your topic.

  • How will you ensure your presentation appeals to these audiences?
  • How will you ensure your message to these audiences will be clear?

2.) Draw a huge spider web on the back of your handout with your posters topic in the middle. Then write all the words/concepts/ideas you can think of associated with your poster topic all through the web. Later you can arrange these words into related themes and use them to come up with a great poster title or a focus area for your poster.