Peer Review

Bring a rough draft of your Short Paper essay for History to class with you

You will peer review two other students' papers and have your paper peer reviewed by two students

This peer review counts for 5% of your Seminar grade

  • You must bring a completed draft (at least 2 typed pages) in order to receive full credit for the draft

Peer Review Instructions

1. Does the paper address EITHER question 1 OR question 2 or 3? Write down the number of the question the essay answers.

2. Does the paper include context information from BOTH the lecture and the textbook?

3. Does the paper include evidence (in the form of quotations) from the number of primary sources described in the question prompt?

4. Does the paper include in-text citations for all direct quotes as well as any context information that is not common knowledge?

5. Does the paper answer the question or simply summarize the sources?

6. Does the paper include a clear thesis that answers the question?

7. Does the argument of the paper make sense? Is it well supported?

8. Are all proper names and places capitalized?

9. Does the paper clearly convey the author's argument about the sources and question?