Test Reflection

Directions: In a typed, Microsoft Word (or compatible program), answer these 7 questions and email your document to me by 5:00 p.m. today, April 7th erin.cofer@tamucc.edu

1. When did you begin to prepare for this exam?

2. How many total hours did you devote to preparing for this exam?

3. How often do you attend history lecture? Are you attentive in history (do you take notes and pay attention, or just sit and stare?)

4. How often do you read Give Me Liberty!?

5. Have you kept up with the reading material throughout the semester or did you wait until you began studying for the test to read all the primary sources?

6. How did you prepare for this exam differently than last exam? Why?

7. Be honest, based on your pre-test preparation, what grade would you give yourself on this exam?