First Year Symposium

No Class

REMEMBER: You must not only present during your scheduled time but also observe and evaluate two other presentations during First Year Symposium. The evaluation sheets will be located on a table outside of the Anchor Ballroom. Fill out the evaluation sheet for BOTH presentations you observe and return that sheet to my office (Faculty Center, room 113) either on my desk or in my box by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, December 1st.

Thursday, November 30th

9-9:30 Trae Dwyer Anne Houtz Kaylen Eversole Ramon Muniz

9:30-10 Michael Morales, Brianna, Brittney, Laura Ananda Salinas Chase Kaylen Garza

10-10:30 Kyle Wesley, Jessica F. Will Dixon Hagan, Adam

10:30-11 Ventura Lopez Sophie, Sandra, Danielle Caitlin Cope Braxton

11-11:30 Sammy Ankamah, Micheal Mayhor Andres Brianna Allen-Martin Evan

11:30-12 Rianna Lopez, Keri Graves, Jack Karleigh Fletcher Nefertiti, Gabriela

12-12:30 Shelby Helms Max Kreplin