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Conference Schedule

Tuesday, October 2nd

12:30-12:45 Civil Disobedience: Kyla, Sophie, Logan

12:45-1:00 Speech is Power: Abe, Elizabeth, Traivs

1:00-1:15 Resistance and Revolt: Cole, Chaney, Bennett

Thursday, October 4th

12:30-12:45 Class Struggles: Chris, Daniel, Maribel

12:45-1:00 Gender Inequality: Candace, Kathryn, Ilianna, Elena

1:00-1:15 Racial Inequality: Emily, Marisol, Alyssa, Atif

Tuesday, October 2nd

2:00-2:15 Speech is Power: James, Shawn, Ericka, Conrad

2:15-2:30 Resistance and Revolt: Thomas, Megan, Alejandro, Dillon

2:30-2:45 Class Struggles: Elda, Shaelyn, John, Alyssa

Thursday, October 4th

2:00-2:15 Gender Inequality: Floyrda, Mariah, Amy, Stephanie

2:15-2:30 Racial Inequality: Briseyda, Eileen, Ever, Davina


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