Social Responsibility Project

The student learning outcomes and course objectives for History and Seminar include addressing personal and social responsibility to the larger Islander community. This semester you are being charged with contributing to the TAMU-CC community. The Island University has many organizations available in which students can become active members. You may visit OrgSync? to find a list of the organizations at TAMU-CC. Your participation in the Islander and local communities are an important part of the college experience. Choose an organization or event that shares a similar mission or purpose about which you feel strongly, and then get involved!

There are two options for completing this project:

1. You may opt to join an organization. As a member of an organization will need to attend a minimum of two meetings and participate in one event.


2. You may participate in three campus events (i.e., Habitat for Humanity, Big Event, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Fun Run, etc.).

Activities for which paid compensation is received are not eligible towards the completion of this assignment.

Nuts and Bolts

Write a paper about your experiences utilizing the following format:

  • 2 to 3 pages long
  • Double-spaced
  • APA Format

Be sure to thoroughly cover the following items in your paper depending upon which option you decide to take:

Option 1:

  • Meeting content of each of the two meetings
  • Name and type of event in which you participated
  • How did you contribute to the Islander community as a member of this organization?
  • What your experiences were with the organization

Option 2:

  • Names and types of events in which you participated
  • Which organization or department hosted the event
  • How did you contribute to the Islander community by participating in these events?
  • What your experiences were at the events

This assignment is due by Sunday, April 23, at 11:59 PM in your seminar BlackBoard.