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Due Thursday, February 11th at the beginning of History
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Some things to remember:

Some things to remember:'''
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Questions to ask yourself when writing your paper:
'''Questions to ask yourself when writing your paper:'''
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Questions to ask yourself when writing your paper:

What is the purpose of the argument? What does it hope to achieve?

Who is the audience for this argument?

What appeals or techniques does this argument , logical, ethical?

What genre of argument is it, and how does the genre affect the argument?

Who is making the argument?

What authorities does the argument rely on or appeal to?

What facts, reasoning, and evidence are used in the argument? How are they presented?

What claims does the argument make? What issues are ignored or evaded?

What are the , political, historical, this argument? Whose interests does it serve? Who gains or loses by it?

How is the argument organized or arranged?

How does the language or style of the argument work to persuade an audience?
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Some things to remember:]]
Some things to remember:
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Discuss Rhetorical Analysis Paper
'''Discuss Rhetorical Analysis Paper'''
Some things to remember:]]

You're only allowed to use the primary source, ''Give Me Liberty!'', and the lectures. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES

The assignment is to ANALYZE NOT SUMMARIZE

Be specific by giving examples from the text

Give your opinion on whether the source effectively convinces you of the argument but DO NOT JUDGE

take sides

Be mindful of the language you use in your paper

APA style

Attach two Blue Books with your essay

This paper is worth 15% of your grade in History and counts 5% of your grade in Seminar for the draft and 10% of your grade in Seminar for the final paper.
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How to Analyze Primary Sources


Discuss Rhetorical Analysis Paper