Sources and Research

  • Introduce Research Log assignment (due on Thursday, February 14th by 8:30 a.m. to Blackboard)
  • APSA Format and Writing Center Info (
  • Discuss appropriate sources for Poli Sci Research Project and how to find them
  • Review Lib Guide

REMINDER: Poli Sci Quiz 3 is due on Thurdsday, February 7th at 9:30 a.m.

Islander HOCO Events

APSA Format

  • For Reference Page: author's last name, author's first name. Year of publication. "Title of Article." Name of newspaper, date of publication. Full web address (Month Day Year article retrieved)
  • Example: Frates, Chris. 2003. “High School Junior Suspended after Posting Anti-war Fliers.” Denver Post,

February 28. _suspended_after.htm (September 27, 2005).

  • For in-text citations: (Author's last name year of article)
  • Example: (Walker 2005)

Questions You Should Be Able to Answer After Today's Lecture

  • What are the three different types of power and what are some examples of each?
  • What is federalism?
  • What is devolution?
  • What kind of federalism is layer cake?
  • What kind of federalism is marble cake?
  • What is the Elastic Clause and how is it used? What is the formal name for the Elastic Clause?
  • What does "police power" mean?
  • What is diffusion?