Peer Review of Draft for Rhetorical Analysis 1

Bring a completed, printed draft of your Rhetorical Analysis 1 to class

Things to Check for When Peer Editing:

1. Does the person focus on either the Texas Black Codes or Southern Horrors?

2. Is the paper formatted in APA style? (12 inch font, Times New Roman or a similar font, 1 inch margins)

3. Does the person provide historical context for the source?

4. Does the person explain what the argument of the source is?

5. Does the person explain whether the argument is or is not convincing?

6. Does the person include an explanation of how the source uses ethos, pathos, and/or logos?

7. Does the person have specific evidence to support their argument in the form of direct quotes from the source?

8. Is the paper free of grammatical and spelling errors

Reminder: Analytical Essay 1 Due at the Beginning of History on Thursday, February 11th