How We Learn

  • Visit from CASA Peer Mentor, Shakira Barnes
  • Discuss Learning Strategies and How To Succeed in College
  • Activity on Different Learning Styles


Discuss the importance of research as learning

Research for academic purposes vs. research for inquiry

Introduce short research project

Knowledge Practices

Learners who are developing their information literate abilities

  • formulate questions for research based on information gaps or on reexamination of existing, possibly conflicting, information;
  • determine an appropriate scope of investigation;
  • deal with complex research by breaking complex questions into simple ones, limiting the scope of investigations;
  • use various research methods, based on need, circumstance, and type of inquiry;
  • monitor gathered information and assess for gaps or weaknesses;
  • organize information in meaningful ways;
  • synthesize ideas gathered from multiple sources;
  • draw reasonable conclusions based on the analysis and interpretation of information.

REMINDER: Historical Significance Essay due on Thursday, September 21st

  • Students need to print TWO copies (one for Seminar and one for History)