Self-Editing for Historical Essay

  • Bring your marked up, mid-process draft from Monday to class with you

REMINDER: Final draft of Historical Significance essay due at the beginning of History class on Friday, February 9th. Your essay must be typed and printed and turned in to me BEFORE Dr. Munoz begins lecture; otherwise your essay will be considered late and will incur a 20 point penalty.

With your final draft you must include your marked up mid-process draft and 2 un-used Bluebooks (please do not write your name on these). Failure to include your marked up mid-process draft will result in a 10 point penalty. Failure to include 2 Bluebooks will result in a 20 point penalty.

REMINDER: Please have chapters 1-5 of I Am a Man read for class on Monday, February 12th. Please bring your book and any reading notes to class with you and be ready to engage in a discussion of the chapters.