We will not meet in class today. Instead students will attend First Year Symposium during their assigned 30 minute time slot. Please check the attached document if you need clarification on when you and your group are presenting.

Students will also be responsible for evaluating 2 additional First Year Symposium presentations from other presenters in the Anchor Ballroom. The evaluation sheets are provided to you right outside the presentation room. These 2 separate evaluations will count for 10% of your overall FYS grade. Failure to complete and submit these evaluations by 3:30 p.m. will result in an automatic 10 points off your First Year Symposium grade.

Evaluations should be placed inside my box in my office, Faculty Center room 113. My box is gray, has my name on it, and is on the left-hand wall of the office about half-way down.

First Year Symposium Schedule

Reminder: You are still responsible for attending both History lecture and Communications class today