Feel free to complete the assignments in any order that you choose, unless otherwise stated in the directions. You may complete the assignments as quickly as you like. Keep in mind that if you wait until the end of the semester, although the assignments are short, you may have trouble completing them. All assignments are weighted the same. Please let me know if the instructions are unclear, and I will do my best to clarify.

Unless otherwise stated, all assignments should be uploaded as either a Word document (*.doc or *.docx) or a PDF. Assignments turned in using a different format will receive no credit. Your response should be at least half a page in length (double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, your heading does not count as part of your length and should be single spaced).

Assignment 1: Introduction (due by 11:59 PM September 9)

Assignment 2: Goals (due by 11:59 PM September 16)

  • What would you like to accomplish by the end of the semester? List at least three goals and how you might work toward them.

Assignment 3: Strengths Quest

  • You will have been emailed a login code. Use this to log in and take the online assessment, reflect on the results. Are they similar to what you expected?

Assignment 4: Choices survey (Assignment 3 must be completed before this assignment will open)

  • Choices Survey - Take the online assessment, reflect on the results. If the top suggested careers are not similar to your major, how do they relate? Is this a career that you would consider? Do you think that these career choices reflect the results of your Strengths Quest?

Assignment 5: Track a Week

  • Write out a typical week schedule, including times. Be sure to include time for work, studying, friends, sleep, etc. Is this a good schedule for you? Can it be improved? Do you feel like you have enough time to complete all of your commitments?

Assignment 6: Track Studying

  • Record your process for either writing a paper or studying for an exam? Be honest. If it's a paper, describe your process for coming up with a topic all the way through how long you spent researching and writing. If it's an exam, describe any time that you spent in exam preparation. How did this process work for you, and can it be improved?

Assignment 7: Writing Center

  • Go to the writing center for help with a paper that you are writing this semester, you may do this online. Do you think that this experience improved your grade on this assignment? Will you use their services in the future? Why, or why not?

Assignment 8: Visit Your Advisor

  • Visit your advisor. Either get their help with picking classes, or make sure that you are on track for graduation. Upload something that shows me you've met with your advisor and reflect on the experience. Was it helpful to meet with them? Were you able to either successfully pick classes for the next semester, or make sure that you were on track for graduation?

Assignment 9: Ted Talks

Assignment 10: Goals Progress (will not open until Monday November 12)

  • Looking back at the goals that you set at the beginning of the semester, have you made any progress toward them? If you have, was it as much as you wanted? If you haven't, why not? Could you adjust your goals to become more achievable? Have any of the assignments you have completed this semester helped you to make progress toward those goals? At least one page