20% of your final grade in Seminar | Facilitation Schedule!

To help you with the topics in your Political Science class and to grant you more ownership of the learning opportunities in this course, we will have several facilitations throughout the semester. In groups of three, you will be responsible for approximately 20-25 minutes of class time (or more, pending my approval). Your groupís task is NOT to give a presentation of the material itself or "reteach" the material, but to help your peers review the materials. In other words, your group gets to be the Seminar instructor for a day!

Exactly how you do this is up to you. Consider some of the following ideas:

  • Bring in outside materials such as literary texts (poems, etc.), music lyrics, BRIEF video clips (of no more than 3-5 minutes), music videos, etc., that illustrate the lecture topic and/or suggest interesting comparisons with it;
  • Divide the class into groups, having each group read a passage (or passages) of a reading (from either textbook or another source) or answer particular questions on a handout that youíve created, then bring the groups together for a class-wide discussion;
  • Create a fun game or activity to help your peers engage in the material.

Facilitation Goals

  • To better understand the Political Science lectures and materials
  • To prepare for the large lecture exams by reviewing the terms and concepts
  • To practice working and presenting in groups
  • To foster critical thinking skills
  • To engage in significant learning and enhance your information literacy
  • To promote multiple perspectives

Facilitation Requirements

  1. Select a topic for your facilitation. Something that interests you from class!
  2. Prepare a 20-25 minute lesson plan based on your topic. As part of this, each person in your group MUST be assigned an individual role within the group. Your lesson must include an activity (or multiple activities) that gets your peers ENGAGED with the exam review materials. Your peers should be able to walk away after your facilitation feeling like they got something out of it.
  3. You MUST meet with me in my office (FC 113) during the week BEFORE your facilitation as a group. You'll need to schedule a time to meet with me that works for everyone in your group. You must come to that meeting with a COMPLETE draft of your group's lesson plan (this will also be due on Blackboard before you present your facilitation to the class)! If you do not attend the group conference, then you will NOT be permitted to facilitate with the group and will forfeit all of the points for this assignment. If no one in the group meets with me, then the group will not be permitted to present.
  4. It is up to you to schedule your facilitation date HERE. If you don't show up on your scheduled facilitation day, then you forfeit 50% of your final grade on this assignment! Just be there! If you and your group fail to schedule a day, you will lose all points for this assignment. Email me when you and your group have decided on a topic and date, keep in mind that you may need a backup date.

Facilitation Grade Breakdown