Now that you have all done some research on what's going on in the city and the candidates, I need at least two volunteers to be my "mayoral candidates", and at least three volunteers to be my moderators; the rest of you are the voting population of Corpus Christi. The mayoral candidates do not have to represent the candidates that are currently running, you can tell us what you would do if you were in charge. We will now have a debate. Using the information you've looked up at home; the moderators will ask questions pertaining to city issues, and the candidates will tell us their views on how best to run the city. After our debate, with only the moderators asking questions, we will let the rest of the voters ask any remaining questions. After we've asked all of the questions, we'll vote and see who our next mayor is.

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For extra credit!: At any point in the semester (up to five times), go to a political community event. With the upcoming mayoral election, you should have plenty of opportunities: city council meetings, chamber of commerce meetings, fundraisers for candidates, mayoral debate, etc. You'll turn in a scan of an agenda (or something else showing that you attended) along with a short 1 page summary of what happened.

For Dr. Smith's Class: due 2/13 11:59 PM

  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Texas History and Politics
  • Chapter 2. The Texas State Constitution and the American Federal System
  • Chapter 6. Local Governments in Texas
  • Local Government: Weak or Strong?
  • Quiz #3: Chapter #6
    • 2/16: Exam 1