First thing we are going to do today is have the wonderful people from the Office of Distance Education and Learning Technology (ODELT) tell you all about Blackboard and a few other services offered. All of the assignments for our triad (Seminar, Communication, and Political Science) are due through Blackboard, so be sure to pay attention. Remember, none of your triad classes will be accepting late work; and now, not knowing how to use Blackboard is not your excuse.

If you haven't heard already, our mayor, Dan Mcqueen, quit via Facebook after 37 days in office. Shortly before that, he gave this inerview.

What do you think of it? Aside from your overall impressions of him as a person, let's try to look at this interview.
How was the interviewer?

  • What kind of tone did he set?
  • How was his questioning style?
  • What did his body language tell you?

What about the mayor?

  • What kind of tone did he set?
  • What does his body language tell you?
  • Did he answer the questions?

Is there anything else?

  • Any music?
  • Anything in the background?

Just for funsies...

  • How would you "rage quit" your job?

For Dr. Smith's Class: due 1/27 11:59 PM

  • Video Assessment: Political Subcultures
  • Quiz #1

Due 2/3 11:59 PM

  • Constitutions: US vs Texas
  • Quiz #2