No class or office hours today

You should all know each other pretty well by now, so I'm going to let you choose these groups on your own. There will be only 4 members per group, unless I give you permission otherwise, same goes for a group of 3. There will be no groups of 2.

If you don't already know who you would be grouped with, go to the chat room "Who doesn't have a group?" on Blackboard, and find some group members. You have until class begins on Tuesday September 27th to fill out this group members form, and create your groups on Blackboard.

In order to form your groups, one of you will first have to create the group (Groups -> Create Group -> Name (you'll need to name the group, make nit something appropriate) -> Name of Sign in Sheet (this part isn't important what you call it) -> Submit). After that, each of the other members will need to join the group (Groups -> click on the group you would like to join -> Enroll). You will also fill out this form when you have created your group. Print this out and bring back one filled out per group.

For Professor Garza's Class:

  • COMM Exam 1 9/20-9/22

For Dr. Smith's Class: due 10/19

  • Chapter 5. Civil Rights
  • Chapter 7. Political Parties
  • Chapter 8. Nominations and Elections
  • Chapter 9. Participation, Voting Behavior, And Campaigns
  • Chapter 10. Interest Groups
  • Does Equality Truly Exist?
  • Quiz #5
  • Quiz #7
  • Quiz #8
  • Quiz #9
  • Quiz #10
  • Exam 2 - 10/20-10/21