Final Reflection

Watch at least three of the following videos and discuss how they apply to your life. You must reference which video you are talking about, and specific instances in your life that this applies to. Your essay should be 2-4 full pages of essay and follow APA guidelines, you do not need a abstract. Your References page should cite the videos you've used. This will be due by 11:59 PM May 2nd.

Do not let me forget! I have to ask all of you something!


  • COMM linked sections
    • Your IA presentation and materials are due on Professor Garza's Blackboard on your scheduled presentation day
  • Non-COMM section

For Dr. Smith's Class:

  • Due 4/20 8:00 PM
    • Courts, Decisions and Rights
    • Quiz #10: Chapter #5
  • Due 4/21 11:59 PM
    • Chapter 3. The Texas Legislature
    • Chapter 4. The Executive Department and the Office of the Governor of Texas
    • Chapter 5. The Court System in Texas
  • Exam 3 opens 4/20