492, you have presentations

For the rest of you

We have several things to get through today...

  • First of all, myself and everyone else associated with Learning Communities would really appreciate you taking this quick survey about your experiences with the Triad this semester.
  • Next, in order to help you prepare for your last exam, I would like you to write the kahoot questions this time. You have been given questions for the previous three exams, so you should be familiar with the types of questions that would appear on the exam. This will be due on Blackboard by 11:59 PM May 1st.
    • For full credit your questions must
      • Be multiple choice
      • Be over Chapters 11 and 12
      • Be 95 characters or less for the questions and 60 characters or less for the answers
      • Be factually correct
      • Be in a Word document with the correct answers highlighted
  • Your Final Reflection is due by 11:59 PM May 2nd. Do you have any questions?
  • You have two chapters due for Dr. Smith by 11:59 PM May 2nd.
  • You have all decided that you would like to have a party on our last day of class. I'm terrible at this type of thing, I will let you plan

Use the remainder of our time today to work on these things. Please let me know if you have any questions, or what I can help you with.

480, 481, and 482; we will not have class Thursday. I will be there for presentations during Professor Garza's class times for 480 and 481

I expect that all of you attend First Year Research Conference on Thursday.

  • Presentations start at 8:00 AM and go until 5:00 PM, they are in hour long blocks starting on every hour and half hour.
  • Each hour long block will have three presentations. When you get there, you will receive a presentation evaluation sheet.
  • Fill this sheet out while watching the presentations.
  • Filling out and uploading a PDF copy of it to Blackboard is worth 2.5% of your overall grade.
  • For 480, 481, and 482; I strongly suggest you attend during what would have been our class time, since we won't be meeting that day.
  • I suggest you upload this as soon as possible, but I have given you until May 1st at 11:59.

Early voting for the mayoral special election has begun! If you can't make it to early voting, these are the locations that will be open on the day of the election.


  • Your Final Reflection is due to my Blackboard by 11:59 PM May 2nd.

For Dr. Smith's Class: due 5/2 11:59 PM

  • Chapter 11. Public Policy in Texas
  • Texas, Public Policy and Decision-making
  • Quiz #11: Chapter #11
  • Chapter 12. Financing State Government
  • Taxing and Spending in Texas
  • Quiz #12: Chapter #12
    • Exam 4 opens 5/4