Before we get started! Each of you write down at least two questions that you would like to ask an advisor. These questions should not be major specific (ex. You may not ask "As a nursing major, can I take Micro at the same time as Bio 2?") Instead, ask questions that could pertain to any major.

Get out your reviews, books, and notes. I will let you get into groups of your choice, we are shooting for groups of five (no groups of two, no groups of 10). I would like you too find the answer to the set of ten questions that I give you. Not only will you find the answer, I would like you to specify where in the book you found the answer, and give us the reasoning behind why it's the correct answer. After you work on this in your groups, we will share answers with the rest of the class.

Things you should know: We will not have class, and I will not have office hours Thursday 2/16. Good luck on your exam!

For extra credit!: At any point in the semester (up to five times), go to a political community event. With the upcoming mayoral election, you should have plenty of opportunities: city council meetings, chamber of commerce meetings, fundraisers for candidates, mayoral debate, etc. You'll turn in a scan of an agenda (or something else showing that you attended) along with a short 1 page summary of what happened.

For Dr. Smith's Class: 2/16

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