Now it's time to pick the court cases for your Integrated Assignment. Only one group may choose each court case. If another group has already chosen that case, it is not available, choose another one. If you later decide that you would like to change court cases, you may only pick from the ones that have not been chosen.

Due on Blackboard by 11:59 PM March 10, each group will fill out a proposal. Even if you and your group decide not to apply to present, you will all complete this form. If you decide that you would like to apply to present, the application is due by 12:00 PM Friday March 24 here. If you apply to present, get accepted, and actually present at First Year Research Conference; you and your group members will earn extra credit (in this class only) for this assignment.

To help you with your IA, you will individually write a Research Paper over your portion of the presentation. This will be due on Blackboard by 11:59 Thursday April 13. This paper should reflect your research over your portion of the presentation. It should be formatted in APA (including a title page and references), 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, 3-5 pages (title page and reference page are not part of your page count). Only Word document submissions will be graded, any other file format will receive a 0 for the assignment.

Please use the rest of the time today to research, and choose, your court case. Make sure that the court case your group chooses is one that you all find interesting.

For Dr. Smith's Class: due 3/3 8:00 PM

  • Money and Elections in Texas
  • Quiz #5: Chapter #8