As you may remember our mayor, Dan Mcqueen, quit several weeks ago. Because of this, we will have a special election in the next few months. Let's review, what happened in the last one. Here are the results of the general election. To compare, here are the results from the 2012 election. Notice any familiar names? Here is the website for the Corpus Christi City Council, including their priorities for the city.

Here is the list of candidates that have declared their intent to run in the special election to replace Dan Mcqueen.

Ray Madrigal - Announcement

Joe Mccomb - Announcement

Larry White - Announcemnt

Nelda Martinez - History Announcement

Jonathan Garison - Announcement

Chad McGill - History

Mark Scott

For next time! Everyone will have a small homework assignment before the next class period. I would like you to look up websites, articles, and/or news stories about issues in Corpus Christi or with the new candidates for mayor. In a Word document, I would like you to include the links to three website/article/video (any combination of the three: all websites, one of each, two websites and an article, etc.) and a short summary of it. You may not use any of the ones already listed here! The point is to do your own research on the city and the people who will potentially be running it. Your grade for this assignment is 50% research at home (the homework described above), and 50% active participation in Thursday's class.

For extra credit!: At any point in the semester (up to five times), go to a political community event. With the upcoming mayoral election, you should have plenty of opportunities: city council meetings, chamber of commerce meetings, fundraisers for candidates, mayoral debate, etc. You'll turn in a scan of an agenda (or something else showing that you attended) along with a short 1 page summary of what happened.

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  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Texas History and Politics
  • Chapter 2. The Texas State Constitution and the American Federal System
  • Chapter 6. Local Governments in Texas
  • Local Government: Weak or Strong?
  • Quiz #3: Chapter #6
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