Campaign Financing

But first... a visit from our advisors. Even though they already spoke to you during large lecture, this is an opportunity for you to ask anything you didn't want to ask then, or just thought of since then.


  • If you would like to present at FYRC, proposals are due here by 12:00 PM March 24.
  • Due by 11:59 PM April 13, Research Paper.
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For Dr. Smith's Class: due 3/27 8:00 PM

  • Chapter 7. Voting and Political Participation in Texas
  • Chapter 8. Elections and Campaigns in Texas
  • Chapter 9. Political Parties in Texas
  • Chapter 10. Interest Groups and Lobbying in Texas
  • Unions and Interest Groups in Texas
  • Quiz #7: Chapter #10
    • Exam 2 opens 3/30