Remember Facilitations? Today I will give you time to work on these projects in your groups. Don't forget that you will need to meet with me the week before your facilitation with your completed lesson plan the week before your facilitation. Your attendance at the conference to discuss your facilitation counts for 25% of your grade, and the completed lesson plan counts for another 25%. (So the answer is no, you do not have to attend the group conference, but your grade for this project will be starting at a 75 if you decide not to attend.)

I would like you to start deciding what topic you would like to cover with your facilitation, and start assigning group member roles. Before you leave today, your group needs to tell me what day in our facilitations schedule you would like to present. Please try to take into account things that may interfere with your ability to properly prepare for those project (exams, athlete's travel schedule, days you will be out of town, papers you need to write, etc.).

Some other things to keep in mind for Facilitations/presentations... if you show up late/are talking/are on your phone during someone's facilitation or presentation, you will lose points on your assignment. I will absolutely not tolerate you being rude to your classmates. In the past, students have lost enough points this way to drop themselves a letter grade in this class, do not let that be you.

Next time: We will meet in LIC 1 in the library. Please be sure to show up on time. Not only is it rude to come late, you'll miss valuable information that will not be repeated.

  • Also, President Quintanilla will be coming to large lecture that day. Be sure that you arrive on time, be polite, and do not leave early.


  • Due by 11:59 PM March 10, proposal.
    • If you would like to present at FYRC, proposals are due here by 12:00 PM March 24.
  • Due by 11:59 PM April 13, Research Paper.
  • COMM linked sections
    • Your IA presentation and materials are due on Professor Garza's Blackboard on your scheduled presentation day
  • Non-COMM section

For Dr. Smith's Class: due 3/11 8:00 PM

  • Political Parties in Texas
  • Quiz #6: Chapter #9