Final Reflection

For your final reflection, I want you to think about how things went this semester. Using specific instances from this semester, tell me what has and hasn't worked for you. Take into account things like study habits, attending class, spending time with friends and family, etc. For the things that have worked for you, tell me how you plan to continue to do keep these habits/practices. For the things that have not worked for you, tell me how you plan on changing these habits for next semester.

Your essay should be 3-5 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 1" margins, and submitted as a single Word document or PDF. You will also include a cover page.

Poster Presentations

First Year Symposium
10:00-10:30BPOTWSeminar GroupDudesDream Team
11:00-11:30Girls RoomBig RedLollipopsSpicy Boys
11:30-12:00A+ GangThe Great UnknownsGroup 1 
12:00-12:30Fab 4Elite 5Squad Goalz 
12:30-1:00Fantastic FourFantastic 4WhatatacoThree Musketeers
1:00-1:30Juan RepublicSarah and FriendsFair PartyNarcos
1:30-2:00JASONSTAMCOur Group 
2:00-2:30Soufside Isis KartelGroup A4 Amigas 

For Dr. Smith's Class: due 11/16

  • Chapter 4. Civil Liberties
  • Chapter 12. Congress
  • Chapter 13. The Presidency
  • Chapter 14. Bureaucracy
  • Chapter 15. The Judiciary
  • Bill of Rights?
  • Congressional Demographics
  • Presidential Power and Approval Ratings
  • U.S. Supreme Court Cases: Decided
  • Quiz #4
  • Quiz #12
  • Quiz #13
  • Quiz #14
  • Quiz #15
  • Exam 3 - 11/17-11/18