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JennaCooper: TuesdayOctober11th

Thinking about voting?
Early voting schedule

What did you think about the debate?

For my non-COMM sections (1:00 and 3:30), lets discuss the Integrated Assignment.

Once again, you have an exam coming up for POLS. Just like last time, I have assigned each of you a chapter (6J, 5J, 4J, 22J, 21J). Split the chapter up amongst yourselves so that no one is covering the same material. Think about the types of questions that were asked on your last exam and on your quizzes, try to model your questions off those. You will each submit five multiple choice questions (95 characters), with the answers (60 characters) highlighted, over your portion of the chapter. These will be due by 11:59 PM 10/17.

Since we will not have class on your exam day (10/20), you will have an assignment due. I want to make sure that you are working on your Integrated Assignment/Group Informative Speeches, so I would like you each to submit citations for the sources you plan to use. Remember, each of you are responsible for two sources, at least one of them must be a scholarly source. You should include the names of your group members, and the proper APA citation for your sources. This will be due by the end of our class time Thursday, October 20th.

Homework: Your Midterm Reflection is due on Blackboard by 11:59 PM 10/13.

For Dr. Smith's Class: due 10/19

  • Chapter 5. Civil Rights
  • Chapter 7. Political Parties
  • Chapter 8. Nominations and Elections
  • Chapter 9. Participation, Voting Behavior, And Campaigns
  • Chapter 10. Interest Groups
  • Does Equality Truly Exist?
  • Quiz #5
  • Quiz #7
  • Quiz #8
  • Quiz #9
  • Quiz #10
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