I need volunteers. Some of you will represent a candidate (2 candidates), some will represent moderators (3 moderators), and the rest will represent the voters. We will give the moderators some time to come up with questions that you might hear during a debate. Some examples for issues might include college, immigration, social security, job creation, gun control, etc. Once the moderators have questions for them, the candidates will have a short debate.

Popular Vote: Once the debate has concluded, the voters and moderators will vote on which candidate they would support. Who won? By how much?

State Vote: Now I will divide you into "states". You now represent the Electoral College for your state. Talk amongst your group. Depending on who voted for who in your group, decide who has won the electoral votes for your state. A representative from each "state" will say who has won the votes for that state (remember, electoral votes are winner take all for each state). Who won? By how much? Are the results of the popular vote different from those of the electoral? Did the other candidate win? If the same candidate won, did the percentage they won by change?

Homework: Your Midterm Reflection is due on Blackboard by 11:59 PM 10/13.

For Dr. Smith's Class: due 10/19

  • Chapter 5. Civil Rights
  • Chapter 7. Political Parties
  • Chapter 8. Nominations and Elections
  • Chapter 9. Participation, Voting Behavior, And Campaigns
  • Chapter 10. Interest Groups
  • Does Equality Truly Exist?
  • Quiz #5
  • Quiz #7
  • Quiz #8
  • Quiz #9
  • Quiz #10
  • Exam 2 - 10/20-10/21