No, not that kind, the political ones.

  • Take about 10 minutes to complete the "Start Your Own Party" Handout. If you are uncomfortable discussing your personal views, the views you write down don't have to be yours.
  • Once everyone has finished take another 10-15 minutes to go around the room discussing your party with your classmates. Start grouping up based on similar views to form larger parties.
    • Come up with a new party name, and platform, that more accurately represents the membership of your party.
    • One of you from each party will present your new platform to the class.
      • Is there anyone who would like to change parties?
      • Can any of the parties be combined?
      • How is this similar, or different, from the structure of current American political parties?


  • Make your own four person groups and sign up on Blackboard. Fill out this form and bring back one per group next Tuesday.
  • We will not have class and I will not have office hours Thursday.

For Professor Garza's Class:

  • COMM Exam 1 9/20-9/22 Opens at 5:00 PM

For Dr. Smith's Class: due 10/19

  • Chapter 5. Civil Rights
  • Chapter 7. Political Parties
  • Chapter 8. Nominations and Elections
  • Chapter 9. Participation, Voting Behavior, And Campaigns
  • Chapter 10. Interest Groups
  • Does Equality Truly Exist?
  • Quiz #5
  • Quiz #7
  • Quiz #8
  • Quiz #9
  • Quiz #10
  • Exam 2 - 10/20-10/21