Welcome Back to Seminar!

Review Reflection Pieces

  • Look over your reflection piece and consider the following:
    • Does it thoroughly and accurately reflect your thoughts and feelings?
    • Does it address what you believe to be most important about the group discussion?
    • What does this say about who you are as a person in this scenario?
    • What did you learn about the topics or about group discussions in general?
    • How are you likely to use this information in the future?
  • Add 2-3 sentences to improve your reflection of the group discussion.

Group Discussion: Toys, Gender Roles, and Culture

In this class your diverse perspectives/opinions/ideas are more than welcome! Because we'll be having class discussions over race, class, gender and other hot topics, there will be opportunity for disagreements (which is great!). Today, you will have the opportunity to practice civil discourse in small groups.

  • List your three favorite toys growing up.
  • How did these toys reflect your gender role, family status, or other cultural expectations?
  • Why do gender roles exist?
  • Are gender roles helpful or harmful? Why or why not? Provide specific examples to back up your perspective.
  • How would each of these theories explain gender roles?
    • Structural functionalism
    • Social conflict theory
    • Symbolic interactionism

Now let's discuss how these issues are reflected in our society at this time:

Your classmates come from all types of backgrounds (e.g., hometown, family structures, culture, religion, political affiliation, etc.). When participating in discussion, it is essential that you show a high level of respect towards your classmates. You must find the balance between expressing your views and refraining from saying something hurtful that offends your classmates.

I encourage you to be an active member of class discussions and small group discussions. By engaging in discussion, you will have an opportunity to work with others, express concerns and disagreements, and consider as well as work towards possible solutions. We often take our Freedom of Speech for granted, but our right to express our beliefs is essential in our democratic society.

Announcements and Reminders

  • Countdown to first exam (September 22): 7 days! What are you doing to prepare?
  • Winners of the scavenger hunt: TBA