Welcome Back to Seminar!

Reflective Writing

Today I will return your reflective pieces on the political group discussion. When you receive your paper, please note the comments and consider the following:

  • Is it long enough?
    • This activity required a minimum of four sentences- a very short paragraph.
    • If your paragraph did not meet the minimum requirement, how can you expand?
  • Does it reflect any of your own thoughts, feelings, reactions, or other experiences?
  • How did you describe what you learned from the activity, what you wished to learn, or how it could be improved?
  • How can you use this information?
  • What evidence have you provided to support your statements? Be as specific as possible!
    • If you said, "It was a good discussion", what made it good?
    • If you said, "I don't think people respected one another", what led you to that conclusion?
  • If someone found your paper, would they understand the activity? Better yet, would they know anything about you?

Announcements and Reminders

  • Countdown to second exam (October 18): 19 days! What are you doing to prepare?
  • TONIGHT! Bailando Dance Festival- Don't miss it! Check it out at: http://www.ccbailando.com/
  • Wednesday, October 5, 4-6 PM: Loteria in the Garcia Plaza