WP 3 Workshop

Sections 254 & 255 Only:

  • Guide to Classical Argument. As soon as you arrive, read the following link: Argumentative Guide
  • We'll walk through an example. Be sure and take notes.
  • How can you apply your argument to your genre? For example, how can a Face Book page "make an argument?"

Guided Peer Review

You should have an electronic version of a fully evolved draft of with you today. I'll be checking your drafts. This counts as a homework grade.

  • Exchange drafts with someone in your Writing Group OR your Presentation Group. Use the WP 3 Guided Peer Review document to provide feedback to your writer. You may also offer specific feedback directly to your writer's product via Track Changes if your writer is working in Word.
    • Print out and write in your feedback, or fill in the peer review feedback sheet electronically.
  • Writers: review your feedback
  • What questions do you have now re. WP 3???


  • Finish producing WP 3. You will upload a link or an attachment to Bb, depending on the genre in which you are writing.
  • WP 3 is due NO LATER THAN THE BEGINNING OF CLASS ON THURSDAY. I cannot accept late work, unless you have an approved extension.
  • You also need to complete your outline worksheet provided to you in Seminar today. Come to class on Thursday w/ your presentation outline, ready to work with your group!