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!!!Texas APME
The Texas Associated Press Managing Editors are having their convention in Corpus Christi at the Omni hotel on April 13-15, and like to see you and your students there.

A Meet the Editors session will take place in the Retama Room in the Harvin Center on East Campus at Del Mar College. The Harvin Center is at 101 Baldwin Blvd. The session is set for 4 6:30 p.m.

Students are not only encouraged to attend, but urged to do so. Editors from throughout Texas - many with job opportunities - will be on hand. This is a tremendous opportunity for students to meet editors.

The panel discussion will be about how to land that first gig out of school. Panelists will include not only editors, but recently graduated students who got that first job. A reception will be held afterward where journalists can meet one-on-one with editors. Students are encouraged to bring their resumes.

Additionally, registration for the %newwin%[[|CONVENTION]] through the weekend is free to students. Yes, free.