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Impt: Make sure you watch class plans carefully. We won't meet as a class next week. You will be required to attend your Writing Conference with me on April 21 or 23 and to attend at least one session of the First Year Research Conference on April 24.

Lindsay Crowe Practice Presentation

Understanding Visual Rhetoric and Symbols

  • Read the Checklist for Analyzing Visual Rhetoric
  • Take a look at some samples of effective visual rhetoric
  • Now, as a class let's vote on our favorite piece of visual rhetoric
  • Using the checklist, analyze the piece. Write your responses under a Daily Writing Link

Peer Response: Writing Project 3. Use the rest of class time to exchange drafts with a peer. Make sure that you keep a copy of the draft you edit to include in your portfolio.


Finish your draft of Writing Project 3. Be prepared for your Writing Conference -- bring a fully evoloved draft. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOUR WORKS CITED LIST ACCOMPANIES THIS DRAFT!