Group Presentation Outlines Due at the Beginning of Class!

I sent out the Group Presentation schedule yesterday. As I said in the email, if you aren't on the schedule, there's a reason. Come see me ASAP. Reminder: the presentation counts in all 3 Triad E courses.

Portfolio Workshop!

About Reflective Writing...

  • The reflective writing for the portfolio should serve as an assessment and as a narrative table of contents that guides your reader through the contents of your portfolio.
  • Based on your reflection and assessment, you should come to some specific conclusions regarding your semester in Learning Community E. You should also try to identify themes (i.e. persistence, open mindedness, etc.)
  • You've already done pre-writing for the portfolio reflection!
    • In large listed your significant learning experiences. These should serve as ideas for evidence you are going to include in the portfolio.
    • In've reflected on a regular basis about your experiences. Use these writings as springboards for your final reflective piece.

About the Portfolio...

  • It's due at the beginning of History on May 2. LATE WORK WON'T BE ACCEPTED. NO EXTENSIONS
  • It should be neatly arranged in a paper folder (NO BINDERS, PLEASE!)
  • It should be considered a presentation of your work. In other words, it should make a good impression on the reader.
  • It should be honest. It's ok to include failures...often this is when we learn the most.

More Reflective Writing

Please respond to the following prompts in the Journal Link in Bb:

  • If your experience in this Learning Community was made into a Lifetime movie, what would the title be?
  • What are some Habits of Mind you've utilized this semester? What evidence could you provide that proves you practiced these habits of mind?
  • When have you demonstrated courage and conviction this semester?
  • What are some "takeaways" you'll carry with you from this semester? How will you apply some of the skills you've developed in LC E?

Rest of the Class...Group Presentation Meetings

Use the time to meet with your group and work on your presentation.


  • Take all of the pre-writing you've done for the Reflective Overview for the Portfolio, and use it to create a cogent first draft of your Reflection. This piece of writing should be formatted in correct MLA, and typed in word. Post the draft of your reflection in Bb no later than the beginning of class on Thursday. This will count as a homework grade.
  • Continue working on your Group Presentation. Consult this RUBRIC as you prepare.