Draft of Reflective Overview Due

This should be posted to Bb by the time you arrive!

Peer Review

  • First, let's discuss what y'all would want to read/find out about from an R.O.
    • Was it difficult? What was the most difficult?
    • What was your transition like? What was it like going from fall to spring? Easier or harder? Did things get easier or harder as this semester progressed?
    • What are your lessons learned? How will you apply what you learned?
    • What helped you improve after you stumbled?
    • What will you change going into next year?
    • What are some specific skills you learned and how will you use them in the future?
    • What did you do to get motivated?
  • Exchange drafts w/ someone in your writing group.
  • Use Track Changes, and provide some feedback.
    • Remember to ask questions.
    • Don't focus solely (or much at all) on grammar. This is an early draft. Focus instead on content.
    • Leave your writer a note summarizing your take on their draft at the end of the document.
  • Make sure you email your writer the draft w/ your comments.
  • You should also save your PARTNER'S draft. How come? Maybe you could show proof of giving and receiving peer review in your portfolio!

Questions about the LCEPortfolio2017???

Group Research Presentation 2017 Workshop

Use the rest of the class time to work with your presentation group!


  • Don't forget to drop off the writing that's due today by Prof. Marquez's office. Pick up your take-home quiz while you're there.
  • Make final preparations for your Group Presentation on TUESDAY! No Seminar Meeting. Prof. Marquez will join us in Comp to evaluate your presentations.
  • Here's the Presentation Schedule. If your name isn't on this schedule, you need to come see me ASAP.
  • You MUST be present for all of class on Tuesday. You will be expected to provide feedback to the other presenters. Don't be late!

Dates to keep in mind:

  • Thursday, April 27th- First Year Research Conference! Comp and Seminar will not meet- HISTORY 1301 WILL! You will need to attend and evaluate at least ONE 45 minute panel. Evaluation sheets will be provided at the conference. You can replace ONE absence in Seminar for doing so. You will need to drop these eval forms to Prof. Marquez's office on that day!
  • Tuesday, May 2nd: Your Learning Community E Portfolio will be due at the beginning of large lecture. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.
    • Professor Marquez and I will be in large lecture that day to collect them. Remember, we are willing to read/review drafts before you submit the final version! Just a heads up!
    • Your graded Learning Community E Portfolio will be returned to you on Tuesday, May 9th in large lecture after you complete Exam 3.
  • Tuesday, May 9th-- EXAM III will take place from 1:45-4:15 pm during the final exam period in the regular large lecture classroom.