First Year Research Conference! Comp and Seminar will not meet- HISTORY 1301 WILL!

You will need to attend and evaluate at least ONE 45 minute panel. Evaluation sheets will be provided at the conference.

You can replace ONE absence in Seminar for doing so. You will need to drop these eval forms to Prof. Marquez's office on that day!

Want to see a fellow Triad E'er present? Here's the schedule of Triad E Presenters at FYRC


  • Your Learning Community E Portfolio will be due at the beginning of large lecture. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.
    • Professor Marquez and I will be in large lecture that day to collect them. Remember, we are willing to read/review drafts before you submit the final version! Just a heads up!
    • Your graded Learning Community E Portfolio will be returned to you on Tuesday, May 9th in large lecture after you complete Exam 3.