Turn in the Printed Version of Your WP 4 Outline

See if your claim "holds water."

Like a bucket with holes, your argument won't "hold water" if it has holes, or faulty logic.

  • First, review your outline (you should have an electronic version). What is your main claim?
  • Get into your Writing Groups
  • Read your claim to your group mates.
  • Members of the group should 1) evaluate whether the claim is arguable and debatable, then 2) Check to see if the claim is really a narrower reason. Is the claim broad enough to support all aspects of the argument? Finally, 3) offer arguments against the claim.
  • See if you can counter, or rebut, these arguments. (Consult your outline...you should have "rebuttals" to possible objections already formulated.

Take notes as you go through this exercise. Everyone should "test their claim" with the group.

Do You Need to Revise Your Claim?

Go to the daily writing link in Bb

  • Based on your discussion with your group mates, REVISE your claim, if needed. Write the claim you hope to prove in today's journal.
  • List the objections, or counter arguments, to your claim your group offered. Do you want to include these in your paper?
  • What are your rebuttals to these possible objections.

If There's Time...

Here's a great site that can help you figure all this stuff out. It's from a site called Grounds for Argument. http://www.groundsforargument.org/drupal/reasons/dist/LRSintheWild


  • Keep working on your outline for WP 4. Began adding sources and specific evidence. Bring an updated printed version of your outline to your conference on Wed.
  • Once you feel confident about your claim, decide what type of argument you are making: fact? evaluation? definition? Then READ the chapter in EAA that discusses these types of arguments. Also, READ THIS!: http://clas.uiowa.edu/history/teaching-and-writing-center/guides/argumentation
  • Decide on 3 significant learning experiences you have had in the Triad so far. How do these learning experiences involve writing? What evidence can you provide to PROVE you learned from these experiences? Bring your evidence to your conference on Wed.

Here are the conference schedules: