As Soon As You Arrive...

Turn in your WP 3 Proposals! These should be printed and stapled.

Seminar Reminders

  • Please make sure you bring a printed, stapled copy of your WP 3 Proposal to Seminar today. You'll need it for an in-class activity.
  • Please be prepared to thoughtfully continue the discussion of the reading from Naming What We Know. Make sure and bring your text and notes from the reading

Presentation Teams...Fo Real!

  • Check the link: ResearchTeamsAmpTopicsLCE
  • Are you on a team?
  • Is your group/theme/area of research correct? If so, fix it NOW!
  • Has your proposal been approved? Your team will NOT present unless your proposal is approved!
  • Didn't turn in WP 2??? Check the syllabus. You won't be presenting unless you, at the minimum, submit a Research Log.

Genre Workshop

We're going to form working teams based on the Best Genre you are using for WP 3.

  • Pamphlet
    • MS Office Template
  • Blogs & Websites
  • Social Media
    • FB Campaign
    • Twitter Campaign
    • Tumblr
  • Op-Ed piece

Your job is to find tips and pointers to writing in your genre; finally, you can google ;-). As a group, come up with specific pointers re. how to produce writing in your chosen genre. Write up your findings (collaboratively) and email them to Jen by the end of class. Be sure to list everyone who contributed to the findings. I'll publish the most helpful tips for all to use! (This is your daily writing grade for today!)

Classical Argument

Now, let's think about how to construct the argument you'll be making for WP 3. Use the Argumentative Guide to help you construct a form of a classical, Aristotelian styled argument. We'll walk through an example of a classically structured argument. Be sure and take notes.


  • Continue fleshing out your layout and argument for WP 3.
  • It's very important that you have enough research on your current topic to be able to write convincingly and expertly about this issue. SO, do some more research if you need to. Use Points of View Reference Center or Academic Search Complete. Both are on our LC E Library Guide.
  • A fully evolved draft of WP 3 is due on Tuesday! Bring an electronic version to class for peer review. This will count as a homework grade.