Announcement: Food Par-Tay in CS 103 tomorrow. Bring a dish and be ready to present!

More Daily Writing...Brainstorming & Drafting the Final Food Blog

Your final food blog asks you to discuss the connection between writing and ''food." Why are these two topics so inter-related?

  • Bazerman and Tinberg argue, "Writing is a full act of the mind, drawing on the full resources of our nervous system, formulating communicative impulses into thoughts and words and transcribing through the work of the fingers" (74). How is cooking similar?
  • Based on the reading in Concept 5.4 in NWWK, what purpose does reflection serve a writer? What about the way we reflect on a special meal or event that was centered around food? What role does reflection play in the life of a cook, of a family who eats together, of someone who enjoys food?
  • Why does food need writing?
  • Continue to draft your initial thoughts and ideas for your final blog in the journal in Bb. Use this brainstorming/pre-writing to help you develop a final, cogent draft for your last Food Blog post.

Rest of the Time...Presentation Workshop

Meet with your teams and get it togetha! I'm happy to meet with your group, look at slides, and give feedback!


Presentations MUST be ready to go by the beginning of class on Thursday. Please make sure you've consulted the assignment parameters for Group Research Presentation. This should be a cohesive group presentation.

  • Make sure you've signed up to bring something for our Food party!