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Week One: Welcome to English 1302!!!
July 4July 5July 6July 7July 8

Fast Food Nation?
Last Day to Add

Dive into Writing
Week Two: Compose a Rhetorical Analysis
July 11July 12July 13July 14July 15

Peer Response Workshop
Discussion Facilitation 1
1st Blog Post Due
The Sequel!
Week Three: Conduct Academic Research
July 18July 19July 20July 21July 22

Library Instruction Day
2nd Blog Post Due
WP 1 Due

Analyze Sources

Peer Response
Discussion Facilitation 2
 Last Day to Drop
Week Four: Build an Argument
July 25July 26July 27July 28July 29
WP 2 Due

Aristotelian Logic
Discussion Facilitation 3
of WP 3 Due
"Shitty 1st Draft" of
WP 3 Due'''
Week Five: Present Your Argument & Research
August 1August 2August 3August 4August 5
Discussion Facilitation 4
WP 3 Due

Visual Rhetoric
Last Day to
Presentation WorkshopPresentations
Food Party!
Food Blog Due