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!!! First- Year Symposium Day!

!!!First Year Symposium is scheduled to take place in the University Center Ballrooms(1st floor) from 9-3pm.

!!! Seminar and Composition will not meet! Make sure to arrive on time and prepared!

!!! Here is the schedule:

!!!10:00: Revolution & Revolt (243)
*Colton: Sam Houston
*Kayla: Goliad
*Ricardo: The Alamo - Mexican Side
*Samantha: Battle of Gonzales
*Pedro: Franklin's Diplomacy during the Am. Revolution

!!!10:00: Power & Oppression (243)
*Destiny: Susan B. Anthony
*Ava: Loretta Velasquez
*Alexia: Oalduah Equiano
*Oddy: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
*Savannah: Sojourner Truth

!!!10:30 Citizenship (243)
*Stephen M: Dred Scott
*Jordan G: Andrew Jackson
*Sam: Cherokee Removal
*Jordan Longoria:

!!!10:30: Equality, Liberty & Order (243)
*Ariana: Harriet Tubman UGRR
*Dobie: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
*Meysem: Madison & Federalist #39

!!!11:00: Power & Oppression (243)
*Ryan Cardin: Gutierrez
*Ryan Conrad: Sacajawea
*Jordan U: Crispus Atticks
*Dylan: Andrew Jackson

!!!11:00: War (242)
*Jaime R: Grimke Sisters
*Mary Sophia: Pickett's Charge/Gettysburg Address
*Noah: Frederick Douglass

!!!11:30: Citizenship (242)
*Patrick R: Andrew Jackson & the Cherokee
*Seth: Contraband in War

!!!11:30 Equality (242)
*Courtney: Clara Barton & Women in Combat
*Payton: Formation of the Red Cross (today's corporate Red Cross)
*Reana: Red Cross/HH

!!!12:30 Equality (242)
*Regan-Lynn: UGRR
*Tori: 54th Infantry
*Walt: Dred Scott

!!!12:30 Revolution (242)
*Avery: Clara Barton Nursing during War
*Sarah: Battle of the Alamo
*Grant: Sam Houston

!!!1:00: Equality (242)
*Summer: Deborah Sampson
*Kori: Olaudah Equiano
*Grace: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
*Leah: Elizabeth Cady Stanton

!!!1:00 Courage, Conviction & Composition (242)
*Isabella: Star Spangled Banner
*Erika: Robert Smalls
*Miranda: Star Spangled Banner
*Lauren: Star Spangled Bannder