Reminder that we are having a "combo" class today.

Sections 240 & 241: We'll only be meeting during the 9am hour in CS 114.

Sections 242 & 243: We'll only be meeting during the 11am hours in BH 126.

Please join Prof. Marquez and me for some morning snacks. Bring your own (non-alcoholic!) drink. Hey, it's not even noon y'all!

In addition to celebrating your excellent work this semester and your awesome presentations at FYS, we'll be happy to answer questions about our final hurdles...History Exam 3 and the Final LC E Portfolio.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


  • Study for Exam 3. You know the drill. Write out the essays. Memorize your outlines. Take advantage of the study guide Wooster provided, along with the awesome study aids Prof. Marquez provided.
    • Many of you researched issues that are covered in this exam material. MAKE ME PROUD!
  • Continue to assemble your portfolio and refine your Reflective Overview
    • I will be holding extra office hours for most of the day on Tuesday. I'm happy to review your reflections, portfolio contents, or just answer questions. Come on by!
  • NO COMP CLASS MEETING ON MONDAY. I have to be in court for a probate hearing.