Library Session!

We won't be in our regular classroom in CCH today. Instead, we'll meet in the Library Instruction Room on the FIRST floor of the Bell Library.

Make sure you have your brainstorming list for WP 2 with you! Come with questions and ideas!


  • Continue to research possible topics that you find interesting. Keep track of all your possible ideas on your brainstorming list.
  • Read the very short chapter in EAA called "Plagiarism and Academic Integrity" (Chapter 20) on pp. 436-445. Also, read some of the basic concepts outlined in the MLA guide of EAA on pp. 447-464.
  • Based on this, go back to your WP 1 draft, and make any needed changes/corrections to your academic documentation. Bring your updated draft to class in electronic format for an MLA workshop on Friday.